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Agitprop (Agitation and Propaganda Department) Publishing House

Агитпроп-oтдел (Агитационно-пропагандистский отдел Центрального комитета, РКП (б))

The duty of circulating political information was given to the Communist Party’s Central Committee department of Agitprop (Agitation and Propaganda). The department was formed in 1920 and it was placed under the auspices of Glavpolitprosvet (Main Department for Political Education). Early-on, the term Agitprop described a politically-themed theatrical performance, however the term came to describe a variety of art developed for political education. Agitprop relied on a multitude of artists to create politically-driven content that was disseminated via its publishing and printing sectors. In 1928, Agitprop was consolidated within the Press Department of the Central Committee, and in 1988, the functions of Agitprop were absorbed into the Ideological Department of the USSR.


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