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Estonian National Publishing, Tallinn

Эстонское государственное издательство, Таллинн

Estonian National Publishing (Eesti Riiklik Kirjastus) was the state-owned publishing entity of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic. The publisher was also known as Estonian State Press and it printed literature and ephemera. In 1940, it began operations as the Tartu State Publishing House (until 1941), and around 1944 it moved to the capital city of Tallinn. In addition to publishing books and posters; Estonian National Publishing disseminated works of fiction and art. During a 1949 reorganization, the publishing house took-in several other minor houses such as "Fiction", "Pedagogical Literature", "Political Literature" and "Scientific Literature". From 1964 onward, Estonian National Publishing was named Estonian Book (Eesti Raamat).


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