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Geokartprom (Military Topographic Directorate)

Геокартпром (Военно-топографического Управления Штаба РККА)

Geokartprom (Military Topographic Directorate) was also known by its complete title, the Union of Production Enterprises of the Military Topographic Directorate of the Headquarters of the Red Army. The entity was developed in the 1920s as a state-owned trust to centralize government-mapping projects. Geokartprom printed atlases and maps solely for military and government use. While it did map geographic locations within the Soviet Union, it also carried out an enormous mapping project of cities throughout the world. The majority of its cartographic projects were developed by the V.T.U. (Military Topographic Directorate of the Soviet Army) at their printing plant in Moscow at 9 Bol'shaia Polianka (A.K.A. Soviet Street).


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