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Politinės literatūros (Political Literature) Publishing House, Lithuanian SSR

Госуданственое издательство Политическая литература, ЛССР

Following the Soviet incursion of Lithuania in 1940, the State Publishing House of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic was formed in the city of Kaunas. Subsequently, World War II disrupted almost all publishing in Lithuania, except for publishing operations seized by Germany during their occupation. In 1945, when Lithuania again became a USSR republic, its publishing sector was separated into four state-owned entities. Politinės literatūros (Political Literature) was based in the capital of Vilnius along with Grožinės literatūros (Fiction Literature); Pedagoginės literatūros (Pedagogical Literature) was based in Kaunas and Mokslinės literatūros (Scientific Literature) was based in Vilnius. In 1949, Scientific Literature Publishing merged with Political Literature Publishing, and after 1964, the publishing house was accorded the name Mindis (Mind).

Fuentes (history of Political Literature Publishing House)