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Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko

Número de Cartel: PP 243
Información sobre el cartel: El cartel muestra un retrato de Konstantin Cherenkov, líder de la Unión Soviética entre febrero de 1984 y marzo de 1985. Murió en el cargo.
Tamaño: 27.5x20
Tipo de cartel: Offset
Fecha de publicación: 1984
Editores: Editor N. A. Verprintsev; Technical Editor L. A. Kamineva
Información técnica: Approved for printing February 27, 1984. Publication No. 0813555. Format 70 x 100 1/2. Volume 0.65 Conditional [sheets] of paper. Number of conditional print 2.6. Relief printing. Coated paper. Order No. 9081. Price 30 kopeks. F 5102000000-180/088
Número de Glavlit: A-09423
En el catologo: PP 243 Cold War (Shrink Wrap)
Artista: Iung, M.N. — Иунг, М.Н.
Imprenta: State Typography Workshop named for Ivan Fedorov, Leningrad — Государственная типография имени Ивана Федорова, Ленинград
The State Typography Workshop named for Ivan Fedorov was located at 11 Zvenigorodskaia Street in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Ivan Fedorov (c.1525-1583) is historically referred to as the first Russian printer. From 1902 to 1918, the printing workshop was owned by Roman Golike and Artur Vil’borg. After being nationalized shortly after the October Revolution, the printer became the 15th State Typogaphy. In 1922, the workshop was assigned to the printing trust of Petropechat', and was named in honor of...
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Editorial: Plakat (All-Union Poster), Moscow — Плакат
Plakat (All-Union Poster) was created in 1974 in Moscow through the work of the Union of Artists and the Central Committee of the Communist Party. The chief of its poster department was Dmitry Akimovich Isaev. Plakat publishers existed until 1991 whereupon it was renamed Panorama publishers.
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