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KPSS [Partido Comunista de la Unión Soviética] ¡Nuestra unión – nuestra fuerza!

Número de Cartel: PP 116
Información sobre el cartel: En 1957, el Partido Comunista de la Unión Soviética no mostraba una gran unidad. En junio, el Grupo Anti-Partido intentó, sin éxito, destituir a Nikita Khrushchev como Secretario General del Partido. Este grupo estaba liderado por los ex-primeros ministros Georgy Malenkov y Viacheslav Molotov, el ex-vicepresidente Lazar Kaganovich y el ministro de asuntos exteriores de aquel periodo, Dmitri Shepilov. El principal descontento del grupo venía de su rechazo a la política aperturista de Khrushchev y la denuncia que éste hizo de Stalin en 1956.
Tamaño: 37x27
Tipo de cartel: Offset
Fecha de publicación: 1957
Editores: Editor O. Soveleva; Technical Editor M. Gammer
Información técnica: [Approved] August 5, 1957; Publication No. 1-600; Volume 1 sheet of paper; Price 1 ruble; Order No. 675; [Printed at] 9 Kronverkskaia Street
Número de Glavlit: Sh-07132
En el catologo: PP 116 Communist Culture b
Artista: Ivanov, Viktor Semenovich — Иванов, Виктор Семёнович
Viktor Semenovich Ivanov attended Moscow Secondary Professional Art School from 1926 to 1929. In 1928, he took classes at a studio of Dmitrii Kardovskii the Russian artist, illustrator and stage designer, and from 1929 to 1933, Ivanov continued his education at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture that was affiliated with the Russian Academy of Arts of Leningrad. In 1931, Viktor Ivanov began designing for the state publishing house Ogiz-Izogiz where he achieved acclaim as a prolific artist whose concentration ...
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Imprenta: Leningrad Offset Printing Plant — Ленинградское Офсетная типография
The Leningrad Offset Printing Plant was located near Kronverkskaia and Mir Streets in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Historically, the printer had roots in Imperial Russia as a large operation founded in 1881 by Theodore Kibbel (Fedor Fyodorovich Kibbel') until it was nationalized by the Soviets in 1917. After its initial nationalization, the printer's management (via a series of government-controlled printing trusts) and its name both changed over the decades until it ultimately became the Leningrad Offset Printing Plant ...
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Editorial: IzoGiz (State Publishing House of Fine Art), Moscow — Изогиз (Государственное издательство изобразительного искусства), Москва
The history of IzoGiz begins with the formation of Ogiz, the Association of the State Book and Magazine Publishers. In 1930, the Sovnarkom of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic established Ogiz to centralize publishing under a monopoly in order to eliminate duplication of printed material, to streamline and control publishing production and its output, and to create a base for marketing books, training and technical manuals. In 1931, the Central Committee of the USSR ordered certain ...
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