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“En el periodo de reconstrucción, la tecnología lo soluciona todo.” – Stalin

Número de Cartel: PP 333
Información sobre el cartel: This poster was created during the First Five-Year Plan of 1928-1932. The plan was initiated by Joseph Stalin and was based on his Socialism in One Country policy.
Tamaño: 45.5x33
Tipo de cartel: Lithograph
Fecha de publicación: 1931
Información técnica: Order No. 1538. "Free Of Charge."
Número de Glavlit: B-13108.
Información en el catálogo: PP 333 Industry b
Artista: Pimenov, Iurii (Georgii) Ivanovich — Пименов, Юрий (Георгий) Иванович
Iurii Ivanovich Pimenov worked in the fields of painting, set design and graphic design throughout his career. He studied at VKHUTEMAS (Higher Art and Technical Workshops) in Moscow from 1920 to 1925. Pimenov was a founding member of OST (Obshchestvo khudozhnikov-stankovistov), the Society of Easel Artists that was formed in 1924. The Society had three inner groups: Projectionism, Concretivism, and the Group of Three (that contained Pimenov). When OST was terminated, he became a member of IzoBrigada (Art ...
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Imprenta: Izvetsiia (News) All-Union Central Executive Committee Typography Offset Print Shop — Офсет в типографии Известия ЦИК СССР и ВЦИК
Izvestiia (News) All-Union Central Executive Committee Typography Offset Print Shop was located in Moscow and it printed the Izvestiia newspaper. Both Izvestiia and Pravda (Truth) were the leading newspapers in the Soviet Union despite the Soviet-era joke that quipped, "there is no news in Pravda and no truth in Izvestia". Among the longest-running of all Russian newspapers, Izvestiia was founded in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) in March 1917 and was an organ of the Petrograd ...
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