8 de Marzo [Día Internacional de la Mujer] es el día para pasar revista a las Fuerzas Armadas de las mujeres obreras y campesinas de todos los países.

Número de Cartel: PP 339
Información sobre el cartel: Poster was designed by Proletkult-- Proletarskaia Kultura (Proletarian Culture), an artist cooperative established in 1917. Its formation was supposed to provide the foundations for a new proletarian art, "liberated from bourgeois, pre-Soviet culture". Written on the flag: "Everyone under the flag of Lenin’s party!"
Tamaño: 43.5x30
Tipo de cartel: Lithograph
Fecha de publicación: c.1924
Información técnica: Inventory No. 5481; Printed on an Offset press
Número de Glavlit: 14368. Mosgublit, Moscow provincial office section of Glavlit
Fuentes: Radó, S. (1928). Guide-book to the Soviet Union, issued by the Society for Cultural Relations of the Soviet Union with Foreign Countries. Berlin: Neuer Deutscher Verlag.
Información en el catálogo: PP 339 Women
Artista: SA — СА
Imprenta: Typolithography Workshop of Geokartprom, V.T.U. (Millitary Topographic Directorate) — Типо-Литография Геокартпрома В.Т.У. (Военно-топографическое управление)

In 1918, the Soviets nationalized the Moscow printing works of brothers Wilhelm Theodor Mehnert and Herman Julius Mehnert. The building housing the works was founded in the 1890s by the printer Julius Kirsten at 9 Bol'shaia Polianka Street (later named Soviet Street). The Soviets placed the printing works under Geokartprom, a government trust formed in 1925 to centralize mapping. Geokartprom operated under the V.T.U. (Military Topographic Directorate) of the Red Army and turned out military maps, military atlases, educational maps, and with less frequency, it printed posters. After the Russian Civil War, the printing works were named after Evlampii Dunaev (1877-1919), assistant chairman of the Nizhny Novgorod city Soviet.

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Editorial: M.K.V.K.P. (Moscow Committee of the All-Union Communist Party Bolsheviks) — МКВКП(б)

The Moscow Committee was the main seat of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union and their offices were located at 15 Bolshaia Dmitrovka Street in Moscow. Historically, in 1918 when the Bolsheviks became the ruling party of Russia, they changed their party's name to the All-Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik). In 1925, the Party accorded themselves the title of the All-Union Communist Party. In 1952, they once again changed their title to become the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

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