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Número de Cartel: PP 412
Información sobre el cartel: Karavan Street, mentioned on this poster, is in St. Petersburg. From 1919 to 1991 it was named for Nikolai Gurevich Tolmachev who was the head of the cultural education department of the Petrograd district military commissariat. He was killed in the Russian Civil War. Tolmachev is buried in the Field of Mars, St. Petersburg.
Tamaño: 45x31.5
Tipo de cartel: Lithograph
Fecha de publicación: c.1919
Información en el catálogo: PP 412 Workers b
Artista: Artist Unknown — неизвестный художник
The artist's name on the poster is not indicated. By assigning Artist Unknown to a poster it also could mean the artist used a chop mark whereby no signature is seen thus rendering the artist's identity anonymous.
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Imprenta: State Typography Workshop named for Evgenii Sokolov, Petrograd (formerly A.F. Marks) — Государственная типография им. Евгении Соколовой, Петроград (до А. Ф. Маркс)
The State Typography Workshop named for Evgenii Sokolov was located in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) at 29 Izmailovskii Avenue. Prior to the 1920s, this printer was the A.F. Marks'' Partnership Artistic Office. Founded in 1881, its owner was Adolf Fedorovich Marks (1838-1904), a successful printer and publisher. In late 1920, the A.F. Marks'' Partnership was nationalized by the Soviets and placed under Gosizdat, the state publisher. In 1922, the printer was placed under Petropechat', a state-owned trust that ...
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Editorial: Publisher not indicated —