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“Viva la mujer de la URSS, la constructora del socialismo” [Traducción parcial]

Número de Cartel: PP 596
Información sobre el cartel: [Large flag at center] "Women Workers and Women Peasants of the USSR Send Greetings to Working Women of the Whole World." [On the globe] "10 Years of the USSR"; The poster was designed by Proletkult-- Proletarskaia Kultura (Proletarian Culture) an artist cooperative established in 1917. Its formation was supposed to provide the foundations for a new proletarian art, "liberated from bourgeois, pre-Soviet culture."
Tamaño: 42x29
Tipo de cartel: Litografía y Offset
Fecha de publicación: 1927
Número de Glavlit: 45278. Mosgublit, Moscow provincial section of Glavlit
En el catologo: PP 596 Women
Artista: Makarychev, Il'ia Pavolovich — Макарычев, Илья Павлович
Imprenta: Mospoligraf (Moscow Polygraphic) 15th Lithography Workshop, Moscow (formerly Mashistov) — 15-я Литография «Мосполиграф», Москва (бывш. Машистова)
The Mospoligraf 15th Lithography Workshop was located at 23 Bol'shaia Sadovaia Street in Moscow. Its history begins with Ivan Mikhailovich Mashistov (1851-1914) the founder and managing director of Mashistov Typolithography Partnership. His firm printed magazines, historical books, and during the First World War, it printed and published patriotic posters. Under the Soviets, Mashistov Lithography was nationalized and it became the 15th Lithographic Workshop. In 1921, when the Soviet Union consolidated its largest and best printing operations into ...
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Editorial: Mossovet (Moscow Soviet of People's Deputies) — Моссовет
Mossovet (Moscow Soviet of People's Deputies) was the USSR's version of a city council and it existed from 1918 until 1991. Today, the Mossovet building at 13 Tverskaia Street across from Tverskaia Square, serves as the office of Moscow's civil administration. Designed in 1782, the red-colored palazzo was the residence of Moscow's governor-general. In the 1940s, the Mossovet building was elevated three stories.
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