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¡Viviremos bajo el comunismo!

Número de Cartel: PP 194
Tamaño: 37x23
Tipo de cartel: Litografía y Offset
Fecha de publicación: 1964
Editores: Editor M.P. Vilaiu; Art Editor Kh. Nazarov; Technical Editor B. Gurbanova
Información técnica: Submitted for printing March 28, 1964; Publication No. FG 05699; Order No. 231; Price 10 kopeks
Número de Glavlit: FG05699
En el catologo: PP 194 Communist Culture
Región de la URSS: RSS de Azerbaiyán
Idioma: Azerbaiyano
Artista: Hagverdiyev, Hassan — Хагвердиев, Хасан
Azerbaijani artist Hasan Hagverdiyev was a prominent representative of the Azerbaijani school of painting. From an early age he displayed advanced skill in drawing. Following high school, Hagverdiyev enrolled in art college in Baku, Azerbaijan. He was considered a multifaceted artist who used different techniques and styles and was able to work in a myriad of mediums including painting, graphic design, illustration and theatrical scenery elaboration. Poster art appears to have been more of a ...
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Imprenta: Typography named for the 26 Baku Commissars, Baku — Типография нм. 26 бакинских комиссаров, Баку
The 26 Baku Commissars Typography was located at 3 Ali Bairamov Street in Baku, Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. Historically, the 26 commissars were a group of Bolshevik and Left Socialist Revolutionary members of the Baku Soviet (a.k.a. Baku Commune), a communist quasi-state in the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic of 1917-1918. Their rule was cut short when they were apprehended by the anti-Soviet Centro-Caspian administration of Azerbaijan. Although they were freed (by Red Army forces), the commissars were ...
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Editorial: Azerneshr Publishing House, Baku — Издательство Азернешр, Баку
Azerneshr (Azərnəşr) began operations in the early 1920s and served as the State Publishing House of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. As an active publishing house in the 21st century, Azerneshr also publishes material in languages such as Lezgi, Kurdish, Udi and Khinalug.
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