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Vkutemas (Higher Art and Technical Studios) Lithography Workshop, [Moscow]

Вхутемас Литография, [Москва]

Founded in 1920, Vkhutemas (Higher Art and Technical Studios) was a state school of the arts. Its formation was accomplished via the merger of two previously existing Imperial-era schools: the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and the Stroganov School of Applied Arts. Vkhutemas replaced Svomas (Free State Art Studios), the initial name given to art schools founded by the Soviets shortly after the October Revolution. Vkhutemas offered workshops in graphic design, sculpture, architecture, printing, painting, textiles, ceramics, woodworking, and the metallic arts. The school had branches throughout the Soviet Union but its Moscow and Petrograd (St. Petersburg) locations were the most well-known. In 1927, Vkhutemas was renamed Vkhutein (Higher Art and Technical Institute) and in 1930, the school was closed due to a reform of the educational system. The Moscow-based Vkhutemas was located at 11 (Zhdanov) Rozhdestvenka Street.


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